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Spirit of 76

Spirit of 76
May 9, 2009 (Baseball Musings delivered by Newstex ) --

With his RBI in the top of the seventh, Evan Longoria drove in five runs today against the Red Sox as the Rays lead 14-5 in the bottom of the seventh. Carlos Pena picked up two RBI as well, bringing the total for the teammates to 76. This is the Rays 32nd game, meaning the two are on a pace to drive in 380 runs. That would blow away the record for RBIs by two teammates, set by the 1931 Yankees . That year, Lou Gehrig drove in 184 and Babe Ruth knocked across 163 for a total of 347 RBI. Right now, Longoria is at 44 and Pena at 32. By the way, the Yankees finished second that season.

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Added: May 10, 2009

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