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News » 2009-04-14


Ranking the rings Today, the Rays pass out some bling, giving their players rings for winning last season's American League pennant, while fans attending will receive replicas of the rings. The replicas, right, look cool, but we're guessing the diamonds aren't real. Of course, the Rays won only the American League, so the rings can't be quite as swanky as the ones passed out to the Phillies or those given to championship clubs in other sports. Today, we rank the most recent championship rings. (Note: the Steelers have not passed out their rings for this past Super Bowl.)

1. Boston Celtics

This might be the coolest ring anyone has ever seen. A 14-karat white gold ring with 84 diamonds. The topper is the green shamrock made of genuine emerald. Little touches that are hard to notice but are there include a parquet background, which represents the floor the Celtics are known for, as well as the signature of Celtics builder Red Auerbach on the inside.

2. Detroit Red Wings

Hey, for hockey, not half-bad. You have 170 round diamonds, two marquise diamonds, three pear-shaped diamonds and 11 custom-cut baguette diamonds. We wouldn't know a baguette diamond from a bagel diamond, but shaping them into a Stanley Cup and paying homage to all 11 Cups the Wings have won leaves our jaws dropped. Plus, are there many better emblems in sports than that of the Red Wings?

3. New York Giants

Team star Michael Strahan said he wanted a "10-table ring," meaning you could see it in a restaurant 10 tables away. Covered in diamonds, the rings feature three Super Bowl trophies representing the three New York has won. It has the "NY" logo and "World Champions" and the score against the Patriots and all. But it's the NFL; it's New York. We want more. We'd give it an "eight-table" rating.

4. Philadelphia Phillies

Well, we have a red emblem, which looks striking inside 103 diamonds packed like sardines. And that's about it. An emblem and diamonds. The diamonds represented the number of victories the Phillies had, but you couldn't line them up like a Baseball or a bat or a rosin bag or something? Of course, it still beats the mood ring I'm wearing.

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Added: April 14, 2009

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